Cheval M&A specializes in mergers and acquisitions in the Cloud, Hosting, MSP and related Internet services sectors. An affiliate of FINRA licensed Cheval Capital, Inc, Cheval M&A relies on the experience its principals have gained in completing over 480 Internet services M&A transaction for companies such as NTT/Verio, Rackspace, Endurance, Deluxe, Web.com among many others in a variety of sizes and locations.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Cheval M&A represents buyers and sellers in the purchase or sale of a business.  Whether it is a single transaction or part of a large-scale consolidation, Cheval helps its clients with all aspects of the purchase and sale process and seeks to help obtain the most favorable terms while minimizing distraction and disruption to day-to-day operations.  Cheval's experience in successfully completing over 480 Internet services andrelated transactions enables it to add particular value through its understanding of the issues associated with Internet services businesses, its experience solving the problems that often derail transactions and our credibility with other bankers, brokers, buyers and sellers.

Smaller cloud/Hoster m&a Program – The Cheval Opportunities List. 

A number of years ago Cheval developed its Cheval Opportunities List program in order to help smaller hosters, cloud providers and related businesses complete transactions quickly and effectively.  Our list is redistributed by a number industry bankers and brokers and reaches an estimated 1,000+ pre-qualified, prospective buyers.  Cheval acts as an advisor on these transactions helping both buyers and sellers complete transactions.

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Fundraising & Advisory Services

In addition to financial advice that is included as a part of Cheval's transaction services, we also provide financial advice as a stand-alone service.  Past projects have covered a variety of topics and included preparing business/strategic plans, helping clients launch new lines of business and planning for future acquisitions/sales. We bring our 30 years of experience to bear in helping you address challenges and evaluate options.

Our affiliate, Cheval Capital, is a FINRA licensed firm and helps companies raise capital.

We'd welcome the opportunity to talk with about your needs and goals.  Please feel free to contact Hillary at hstiff[at]chevalcap.com or 703-549-8602.

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