Cheval completes 500th Hosting, Cloud & Internet Services Transaction


 Cheval M&A Inc and Cheval Capital, Inc complete 500th Hosting, Cloud & Internet Services Transaction

 Washington, DC – Boutique investment banking firms and Internet services specialists, Cheval M&A, Inc. and Cheval Capital, Inc. announced today that they have advised on their 500th successful transaction in the cloud, hosting, IAAS and related Internet services spaces.

Cheval achieved this milestone as a part of six transactions that have closed over the past few weeks and marks the 25th transaction they've successfully closed so far in 2019! These transactions have been completed with a wide variety of companies in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Middle East, and South America.

Extensive industry expertise helps maximize client value from the unique aspects of their business, regardless of location. Smaller clients realize particular benefit from demand created by the Cheval Opportunities List.

Hillary Stiff of Cheval M&A commented on the event, “We’ve been very fortunate since we began in this industry in the late 1990s to have worked with a large number of great companies of all types and sizes, including some of the top names in the industry.  We had the pleasure in this case to close a mix of transactions, ranging from hoster/cloud providers to large IPv4 blocks, to push us over 500.”

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About Cheval M&A, Inc. and Cheval Capital, Inc.

Cheval M&A, Inc. and Cheval Capital, Inc. are boutique Investment banks specializing in mergers, acquisitions and corporate finance. They have expertise in a variety of industries but have been particularly active in the Internet services arena since the mid 1990’s.

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IPV6 Adoption

Thanks to our friends at Nationwide for the link to this IPv6 Migration Study produced by the Internet Governance Project at Georgia Tech and sponsored by ICANN. (The conclusions are on page 36 if you want to skip to the end.) Spoiler: It looks like we’re going to be in a dual IPv4/6 world for some time.

Cheval M&A is active in helping our customers buy and sell IPv4 blocks. Whether you have excess IPs or a need for additional blocks we can help. Please contact Hillary at

(HT Nationwide Computer Systems)

Appriver acquired by Zix

Congratulations to the folks at Appriver on their sale to Zix for $275 million. Not a lot of detail was provided other than the combined company will have revenue at closing of approximately $180 million. Appriver has long been a leading provider of email and related services and is a terrific asset for any company. Zix provides email security for compliance.

Cheval M&A

Author: Hillary Stiff is President of Cheval M&A. She has been an investment banker and CFO, completing M&A transactions and arranging financing for a number of companies including NTT/Verio, The Endurance International Group and Web.Com among many others. She has helped complete over 470 successful web hosting, ISP and related transactions and distributes a list of hosting and related companies that are for sale.

From the fine folks that brought you GDPR...

The EU has been working on a new copyright law that would make Internet providers liable for copyright infringements of their customers. The law could have a number of impacts including the need for providers to implement content filtering.

Despite opposition, the law seems to continue moving forward. It is unclear if this law will give more momentum to similar efforts that are underway in the US.